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LG 24MP59G-P 24 & 27 Inch Gaming Monitor Review


LG have just launched the 24MP59G-P gaming monitor, which is available in both 23.8″ and 27″ sizes. The display is full HD with a 1ms motion blur reduction. This helps gamers with accuracy and precision, which is needed for high-level gameplay. The 1ms response time makes blurring and ghosting reduced, which will make all of your in-game actions smoother and more precise.

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AMD’s FreeSync technology that’s present in this monitor will help to reduce tearing and stuttering that can sometimes occur when your GPU’s frame rate and your monitor’s refresh rate are not synced well. FreeSync allows you to experience fluid gameplay, regardless of your graphics card choice.

Dynamic action sync has been added for gamers who play games that require extremely fast-paced decisions. This feature helps to minimize the input lag that can sometimes occur between your hardware and your gameplay to make everything more responsive.

Getting ganked in the dark is a thing of the past with the black stabilizer feature. This will help to make dark scenes more visible so that you can locate any hiding enemies that are nearby, without messing around with your gamma settings.

All games are not created equal, and some favor certain qualities. The LG 24MP59G-P lets you choose which type of game genre you’re playing so that it can optimize your screen settings for your convenience. There are 3 general gamer modes, 2 FPS modes, and an RTS mode, so you’re bound to find a pre-set mode that will help to give you the edge against your opponents.