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What are the best AR scope mounts?


There are many different accessories available for assault rifles, but one of the most overlooked ones are scope rings or scope mounts. People will spend a lot of money and a long time researching what they feel is the best scope that they can, but will completely neglect to get a high-quality mount.

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A lot of manufacturers use aluminum or steel to create scope mounts. Both are incredibly durable, but the aluminum will obviously be lighter. Aluminum mounts have been shown to have a slightly better accuracy too, although that, of course, is completely dependent on the rest of the rifle setup and the shooter.

Just like anything, scope mounts can be purchased in the low, medium, high price brackets. Higher price doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a better mount, as some of the more expensive ones are designed for larger scopes.

When installing your scope mount, it’s important that you ensure that it is currently fitted. Otherwise, the recoil of you firing the rifle will loosen it up, and you will end up with awful accuracy. Also, if your rings are too tight, then you will end up damaging your scope, at the same time as breaking your mount.

There are a few different scope mounts to look out for, and each type has its own pros and cons:

  • Extension mounts allow you to set your scope and a higher point on the rifle. This is either personal preference or because you have a large scope
  • Quick release mounts are a popular choice. These allow you to quickly dismount your scope from the rifle in order to conduct maintenance or cleaning, with ease. It’s also useful if you are someone who likes to swap out different scopes but doesn’t want the hassle of having to screw in each one. This is mainly popular for hunters.
  • Offset scope mounts are installed on the side of the rifle. These are usually utilized by those who wish to have two completely different styles of scope on their rifle at the same time, such as a CQB and a long-range scope.

Here are some of the best AR scope mounts that are available currently:

Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount for 1 Inch Tube

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Nikon M-223 Riflescope Picatinny Rails Mount for 1 Inch Tube

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